Topshop gained a minimal amount of Twitter followers after London Fashion Week, according to data scientists Starcount.

Starcount found that the brand gained just 2,546 new followers despite streaming its Topshop Unique show on Periscope for London Fashion Week. Last year, the company gained 4,052 new followers after the event.

According to Starcount, the significant drop in followers could be a result of Cara Delevingne being absent from this year’s London Fashion Week. The supermodel helped Topshop to gain extra followers in 2014 and 2015 after fronting the brand’s advertising campaigns.

Topshop’s 2014 campaign featuring the model resulted in a growth of 81.3 percent of fans, whilst last year’s campaign was also successful. The brand has gained 26,110 followers since the start of 2016, with 10.7 percent of these being followers of Karlie Kloss, who is currently fronting the company’s new campaign.

The campaign has failed to achieve the same success as the brand’s 2015 campaign with Delevingne, which saw it attract 30,761 new followers.

Topshop used a selection of upcoming models for its S/S 2016 Topshop Unique show. These models are not in the ten most popular models for the brand’s new followers, whilst models who did not appear at the show, such as Delevingne, are featured on the list. The use of lesser-known models may have contributed to the brand gaining less followers this year.

Starcount’s chief scientist Clive Humby commented on the research, stating: “This data is able to measure the efficiency of a brand’s marketing strategies in a new and insightful way. Through analysis of new followers, we at Starcount are able to track not just how many new fans the brand has been able to convert as a result of a given marketing activity, but also who those new fans are – their demographic and their other passions.”

He added that the report provides “unique metrics,” which show that Topshop’s most successful initiatives are ones that are endorsed by celebrities.